Current Research Projects

  • Post-Secondary Education, Skills and the Workforce: Northern and Rural Challenges (Principal Investigator, SSHRC IG)
  • Municipalities and Universities: Developing Infrastructure for Collaborative Research with Administrative Data (Co-Investigator, SSHRC PDG)
  • Connecting Partners: Promoting Access across Education, Skills, and Employment Pathways (Co-Investigator, SSHRC PDG)
  • Transfer Pathways among Northern Ontario Colleges and Universities (Principal Investigator, ONCAT)
  • Why Education Matters? An Analysis of Economic Returns to Skills and “Sheepskin” Effects (Co-Investigator)
  • Political elites and postsecondary education in eight countries (Principal Investigator)
  • North American Poverty Study (Co-Investigator)
  • Nipissing Poverty Reduction through Education Program (N-PREP), Process and Outcomes Evaluation (Principal Investigator)